Typical Items Made for Hospitals in Austin, Texas

Item #

Item Description

Material Requirements

1.        receiving blanket

single layer flannel, 24” sq., 36” sq. (plain hospital blankets: CHOA 30”x26”; SDMC 30”x33”)

yield: ~1/yd. of fabric

2.       quilts/afghans

cloth and crocheted: (24” square)


3.       hospital “shirts”  (preemies)

diaper and hospital shirts, caps (cloth and crocheted), booties; usually made of flannel


4.       bereavement layettes

pouches, drawstring gowns, bonnets; bunting, blankets (17”-24” square), buntings; lace (white; no yellow)
¬  bunting  ¯

bereavement pouches:

yield: ~10 pouches from 12/3 yds. of lace fabric (line eyelet fabric)
~44” ruffled lace (less than 1” W) for edging
11/3 yd. of 1/8“ ribbon for ties
yield: ~8 pouches from 2 yds. of lace fabric (line eyelet fabric)
11/3 yd. of 1/8“ ribbon for ties
~52” ruffled lace (less than 1” W) for edging

yield: ~10 bonnets from .5 yd. of lace fabric (line eyelet fabric)
ruffled lace for edging
.5 yd. 1/4” ribbon for ties (cut 2 @ 8” each)

yield:  2/yd. of lace fabric
17” sq. lace fabric (no need to line eyelet) edged with ruffled lace (2 yds.)

5.       bereavement envelopes
Blue envelope for Children's Hospital NICU Closeup of closure

felt or flannel “envelopes” used to hold special items for parents


6.       memory boxes

gift box used to hold burial gowns, etc. for parents


7.   stuffed animals

Jay Jay

cute stuffed animal to comfort a child facing a stressful situation

custom-designed stuffed animals by Charity Craft Volunteer Network (CCVN); made from fleece

8.       knit/crochet caps and matching booties

caps can be sized to fit babies’ heads, small (lemon-sized), medium (orange-sized), and large (grapefruit-sized)


9.       isolette covers
CHOA (Children’s Hospital of Austin):
SDMC (St. David’s Medical Center):
SMC (Seton Medical Center on 38th):

used to keep light and sound from penetrating isolettes (two sizes for CHOA; 3 sizes for SMC; quilt-sized for SDMC)

CHOA:                              SDMC
#1: 12/3 yds. ea. fabric     polar fleece (~60” W):
#2: 22/3 yds. ea. fabric    21/8 yds. non-directional print
                                        3 yds. directional  print
SMC:                                2 large buttons (~1.+” diameter) @ slit
#1: (same as #2 for          cotton (44”-45” W):
       CHOA) 1.5 yds.           31/4 – 33/8 yds. total
       polar fleece               15/8 yds. ea. of outer and inner fabrics
                                        batting ~69”x53”
#2: full-front cover          2 large buttons (~1.+” diameter) @ slit
       1 2/3 yds. polar         “tie” cover with crochet thread
       fleece                                        alternative:
                                        for inner fabric, use pre-quilted fabric
#3: “giraffe” cover           from Wal-Mart and omit batting
       unknown yardage;      2 large buttons (~1.+” diameter) @ slit
       used scraps                “tie” cover with crochet thread

10.    bibs

simple, terry cloth w/appliqués and binding for ties


11.     cloth dolls
a. Samples for Children's ER; made by Lottie Hewett 2004
b. Cloth doll with hospital gown; made by Lottie Hewett 2004
c. Knotted doll made by Lottie Hewett 2004

(a and b) stuffed blank cloth dolls used to explain medical procedures to children; (c) cloth dolls used to comfort Mother while baby is transported in an emergency or absorb scent of Mother to comfort baby in hospital


12.    preemie socks

preemie sizes; CHOA only; Wal-Mart best source; 30 at a time is a good number; approx. # of beds in NICU


13.    snuggle ups

Positioning aide used for confining baby (original pattern by Faith @SDMC)

yield: ~5-6 per .5 yd of base fabric (base fabric measures 40” wide after washing)
yield: ~5-6 per 1 yd. of support fabric
batting, high loft for supports
knit cotton for ties
yield: ~6/yd. of each fabric (base & support)

14.    positioning aides
Cloth frogs:

Vinyl frogs:

Long bean bag with cover:
long bean bag with cover
Weighted chenille gloves: weighted chenille gloves
Snuggly socks (Children's PICU only):

“frogs” & rectangular bags & weighted chenille gloves used by physical therapists and medical staff as positioning aides

cloth frogs:
yield: 4/yd. of each fabric (outside flannel and inside ticking; Wal-Mart good source of ticking)
yield: 2/bag of Polypellets (Wal-Mart best source; $2.97/bag)

vinyl frogs:
use 8 gauge vinyl (JoAnn’s good source, $2.49/yd.)
yield: 7.5 frogs/yd. of 54” vinyl
2/bag of Polypellets (Wal-Mart best source; $2.97/bag)

vinyl frog covers:
use flannel (look for good sales)
yield: 4/yd.

long bean bag covers:
yield: 2/yd of flannel

long bean bag:
yield: 1 per 1/3 yd of 16-gauge vinyl (54" wide cloth-backed preferred; JoAnn's Fabrics good source)

15.    crib covers

used to cover head of crib for light and noise reduction

~1 1/8 yds. fabric (preferably two-sided; dark on “inside”)
~12/3 yds. of 3/16“ ribbon (cut 2 @ 28” each)

16.    crib pads

Thin, cotton batting sandwiched between two flannel pieces (12”x18”), edged with lace


17.    gel pillow and transport pad covers
gel pad cover:

transport pad cover:

flannel; used for square and round gel pillows (used by physical therapists, and NICU staff, including transport units)

yield: 8/yd. of fabric (preferably flannel)

yield: 8/yd. of fabric (preferably flannel)

transport pad:
yield: 1.5/yd. flannel

18.    eye covers

strip of flannel (or silk?) to block light placed over baby’s face when working with baby outside of isolette

~ 4”x8” or 5”x10”; can use scraps; size is not REAL critical

19.    crocheted hearts/ crosses

white or purple


20.   G-bands

pad with straps for tying around waist; used to cover gastrointestinal tube “button”; toddler to juvenile flannel prints preferred (for boys and girls)


21.    huggie pillows

9”x12”; perky prints/bright solids; stuffed with Polyfil to 6 ounces; given to children in stressful situations

polar fleece or cotton; perky prints/solids; Wal-Mart best source for bulk Polyfil (5# boxes for ~$8.50/box)
yield: 15-20 per 5 lb. box of Polyfil

22.   glider-chair pad covers

Rainbow-colored Glider Chair Pad Covers Floral polyester fabric

vinyl cover for pads on glider chair plus ottoman

Clear vinyl covers: ~2.5 yds. of 54” vinyl (10 gauge); Hobby Lobby best source ($2.09/yd.)

Beige vinyl covers: ~2 yds. of 54” vinyl; Pioneer brand, almond color, source: JoAnn's Fabrics, $6.99/yd.

Floral polyester fabric; ~4 yards of 43" fabric

23.   bouncy seat covers (vinyl as well as fabric), swing chair seat cover, and exersaucer seat cover
CHOA’s First Vinyl Cover:

CHOA’s Second Vinyl Cover:

CHOA'S First Fabric Cover:

CHOA’s swing chair (vinyl cover):

CHOA’s Exersaucer (vinyl cover):

CHOA’s Exersaucer (seat):

CHOA’s PICU Bouncy Seat Pads:

Dell Children's PICU Bouncy Seat cover:
Rainbow-colored Bouncy Seat Cover
Dell Children's PICU Swing chair cover:
Rainbow-colored Bouncy Seat Cover
St. David's swing chair (vinyl cover):

vinyl cover for seat pads as well as the seat pads themselves

CHOA’s bouncy seat cover (for NICU & Unit 4):
1 yd. of 54” vinyl (10 gauge); Hobby Lobby best source ($2.09/yd.)

CHOA’s bouncy seat cover (fabric; Unit 4):
1.5 yds. pre-quilted fabric (can't remember source); Extra Loft batting (WalMart good source); .75" wide clips (Hancock Fabrics good source; 1" woven strapping (by-the-yard variety at JoAnn's); 1/2" twill tape

CHOA’s exersaucer seat cover:
1 yd. 10-gauge (or medium) vinyl

CHOA’s exersaucer seat:
2 yd. Pioneer brand vinyl, almond color, JoAnn's Fabrics

CHOA’s bouncy seat/swing chair seat cover (Purple/Blue Unit):
1.5 yds. 10 or 12-gauge vinyl

SDMC #1 (swing chair):
¾ yd. of 54” vinyl (10 gauge)

SDMC #2:
3/4 yd. of 54” vinyl (10 gauge)

24.   boppie cover (round and flat)

nursing pillow; also used as prop for preemies

1.3 yd. of 54” vinyl (10 gauge) for round boppie

2 yds. of 54” vinyl (10 gauge) for flat boppie

25.   adult hospital gown, embellished

nice item for hospice use


26.   knitted and crocheted adult slippers


nice for nursing homes, hospice use



27.   cloth angel pins


28.   reflux wedge cover
(SDMC only)

foam block with incline; cover with vinyl

1 ¾ yd. of 54” vinyl (10 gauge)

29.   curtain ties
(SDMC only)


use scraps; cut with straight of the grain running the length of the piece

30.   Bendy Bumper covers (vinyl and cloth; no photos available)

flat pieces of vinyl to cover foam; flannel cloth cover for foam

31.   privacy screens


for nursing mothers or private moments when a family suffers a loss

32.   backdrop curtains for CHOA's playroom (bingo broadcasts)
Covering cabinets:backdrop curtains covering cabinets
Covering windows:backdrop curtains covering windows

used to cover windows and cabinets while broadcasting bingo to rooms at CHOA
Cabinets without curtains:cabinets without backdrop curtain
Windows without curtains:windows before curtains

33.   heart-shaped pillow
(SDMC only)
front view end view

used to comfort Mother while baby is transported in an emergency or absorb scent of Mother to comfort baby in hospital

use flannel scraps; stuff with polyfil

34.   lead heart
(SDMC only)
lead heart

used to shield babies' genitals during X-ray procedure

from flannel, cut out two heart shapes slightly larger than lead heart; spray lead heart with spray adhesive, place heart-shaped flannel pieces on each side of lead heart, lining up the edges of the flannel pieces; encase in vinyl slightly larger than flannel; stitch vinyl edges together

35.   sheet sets
(SDMC only)
sheet sets

special sets consisting of a receiving blanket (30"x33"), 2 or more gel pad covers (rectangular), 2 or more vinyl frog covers, and a few eye covers (lined).

fabric of choice: flannel

36.   popcorn machine cover
(Children's Hospital)
Popcorn machine:popcorn machine
Cover:popcorn machine

37.   baby support vinyl cover
(Children's SCU only)
baby support

support pad used when casting a baby's limbs; vinyl cover protects pad from plaster

10-12 gauge vinyl used

38.   stuffed shapes
(Children's PICU only)
stuffed shape samples

      sample of thickness

shapes used for positioning tubes/drains of tiny patients

fabric: 100% cotton
stuffing: Fairfield brand; special order from Walmart

39.   luggage markers for children attending dialysis camp
luggage marker

identifies luggage of campers attending dialysis camp

40.   cloth bone with pocket (Wonders & Worries only)
cloth bone pocket

used to encourage dialog with children whose family member is facing cancer treatment

41.   comfort caps
front side back

soft cap for cancer patients who have lost their hair

fabric: 100% cotton t-shirt knit

42.   heart monitor fanny pack
Heart Monitor Fanny Pack

belted pouch carries heart monitor providing mobility for heart patients recovering from surgery

material used: kid-friendly flannel-backed vinyl

43.   camisole worn by breast cancer surgery patient
Camisole Worn By Breast Cancer Surgery Patient

camisole designed to hold drain tubes/bags in pockets sewn to inside of camisole's front pieces
Inside Front of Camisole

material used depends on season

44.   covers for equipment

Colposcope Computer stand

covers up "scariness" of equipment in a child's emergency room
Colposcope cover Computer stand cover

vinyl backed with flannel (like that used for tablecloths)

45.   surgical hats

Surgical Hat Top
Surgical Hat Side

surgical hats, made from bright kid-friendly colors, ease the stress of a child facing surgery

bright, kid-friendly cotton

46.   alzheimer muff

Alzheimer's Muff
Alzheimer's Muff Inside

fleece-lined muff with "fidget" items attached on the outside; designed to calm alzheimer's patient

solid-colored satin for outside; soft, anti-pill solid-colored fleece for liner; shoestring for stringing beads; functional large button and flap; working zipper


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